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Our team of board-certified pain relief & physical medicine, rehabilitation specialists use non-invasive interventional pain management in Washington DC Area. Our techniques relieve your pain and help you live a healthy, active life.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of your life and live pain-free.

We’ll improve the quality of your life by using the most advanced and innovative methods and technologies available to mitigate your pain. We were one of the first pain practices in the area to use prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP therapy). With our strong ties to medical research and academia, we keep abreast of the most advanced innovations in pain management techniques, such as image guided intervention, to achieve the fastest and most effective outcome for you as possible.

Our goal is to empower you to be your best advocate in your quest to overcome your pain and maintain a high quality of life. Conquering your pain is our goal and we want you to achieve positive results and feel the elation of each victory that you realize in your pain battle.

We want to inspire you to take an active role and team with us to understand and remedy your pain. Together as a team, we can tackle your pain challenges and restore you to optimal health.

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Our Treatments

Our clinics offer effective pain treatment with a team of physicians and mid-level providers, who are experts in multiple disciplines of pain intervention medicine.

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Our experts in Pain Management in Washington DC will call you

How can we help injured workers?

How can we help injured workers?

Millions of people are injured each year in auto accidents. A motor vehicle crash can generate enormous amounts of force, and this force is almost always transmitted into the body of the vehicle’s occupants.

Our physicians’ diagnostic tools are the same as those used by other doctors, with the addition of special techniques in electro diagnostic medicine, like electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies. These techniques help our providers to diagnose conditions that cause pain, weakness, and numbness.


Great progress in the treatment, cure, and prevention of disease.

Mr. Alejandro Schultz has been relieved of pain after 8 months of herniated disc herniation and shared this experience with you
Mr. Alejandro Schultz
I’ve been suffering back pain for years. Thanks to Dr. Drakes I feel much better now. I can go out and make exercise with no problem.
Mrs. Phoebe Saunders
My left knee used to hurt all the time. I could not take care of my plants the way I wanted so I decided to visit Metro Spine Pain Centers and now my plants are beautiful because I can move freely again.
Mrs. Claire Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions about Pain Management

You should plan to spend approximately TWO HOURS in our office for your initial consultation. When you arrive, check in with our receptionist. The receptionist will assist you in completing the new patient paperwork and take your photo for our confidential electronic records.

Some additional brief forms you will be asked to fill out are:

  • Registration information – name, address, contact numbers, insurance coverage
  • Medication agreement – necessary if you are, or might be, prescribed narcotics
  • Medical records release to obtain records from other providers

You will then be escorted to an examination room where the medical assistant will take your vital signs, collect a preliminary urine specimen (if you already take, or may be prescribed, a narcotic medication), and input some basic information on the computer record, such as your primary complaint, any medical problems that may be related to your pain or future treatment, and a review of your overall health.

Dr George H. Drakes Pain Management in Washington DC