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Prolotherapy (Proliferation therapy) is the natural stimulation of the body to produce collagen and cartilage in injured or overused areas in order to reduce or eliminate pain. Prolotherapy promotes long-term, often permanent pain relief by stimulating the body's ability to repair itself.

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Our team of board-certified pain relief and physical medicine & rehabilitation specialists use non-invasive, interventional pain management techniques to relieve pain and help you live a healthy, active life.

What is the procedure and how is it performed?

Prolotherapy treatment is the injection of an irritant (Dextrose — pharmaceutical-grade sugar water) in the painful area or joint that creates a short duration of inflammation. The Prolotherapy rapidly produces collagen and cartilage, the soft tissues of the body, which stimulates the immune system’s own healing mechanism. The new collagen and cartilage strengthens and restores joints, and supporting soft tissue, reducing or eliminating many different types of pain.

After numbing the area of skin to be entered, a needle is guided into the area to be addressed using either ultrasound or fluoroscope. After certifying needle placement a combination of 50% Dextrose (pharmaceutical grade sugar water) and local anesthetic is injected in to the joint, ligament or tendon to be addressed.

At MSPCs all procedures are imaged guided with the most modern and sophisticated equipment to ensure safety and accuracy of needle placement during injections. Local anesthetic is injected in the area to be entered.

How long does this procedure take?

The total appointment time takes approximately 30 minutes, including preparation, treatment and recovery time.

What should I expect after the prolotherapy?

Initially, mild but temporary swelling and stiffness may occur. Some patients see noticeable improvement after the first sessions are completed, while others realize increasing improvement on each successive visit. Some patients are immediately “healed” while many feel nothing during the first week after their procedure. Research studies show that over 80 percent of people treated with prolotherapy report a good or excellent result. Many of them are permanently cured. Not only do they enjoy simple pleasures again — a good night’s sleep, sitting through a movie, taking a walk — but many also return to physical activities such as competitive ballroom dancing and working out at the gym.

How many treatments do I need and how frequently may I have this?

Every patient is different. Every injury or pain is different, and it is difficult to forecast how many treatments will be needed. Wrists, ankles, and knees usually heal in about 2–4 treatments. Backs and necks often take twice as long. The speed of healing is also related to how patients take care of themselves. Multiple treatments encourage additional tissue growth to restore and strengthen the affected area. An individual plan is devised with prolotherapy treatments scheduled every two to four weeks until the healing is complete, and you can return to normal activities without pain.