Workers Compensation Injuries

    Injured at Work?

    When you are injured at work, it is important to go to a qualified doctor who can document your condition. If your injury is severe and may result in short-tem or long-term disability, it is important to seek help from a physician that specializes in work-related injury.

    Although you need to receive medical treatment for your injuries, doctor's examinations and medical reports also serve a legal purpose. Because of this specific situation, the requirements for the examination and documentations may be different than if you were just going to the doctor on your own.

    More often than not, employees and their employers have many of the same concerns when it comes to an injury or accident at work – high medical costs, prolonged disability, employee functional capacity, trouble getting appointments, and lack of communication regarding the injured worker. At Metro Spine Pain Centers our processes, patient education program, documentation efficiency and expert physicians care enables us to respond efficiently and effectively to any workers compensation case.

    How can we help injured workers?

    Metro Spine Pain Centers have been providing quality health care to all injured workers for several years in the Metro Washington DC Area. Our goal is to help any and all injured workers to get fast, reliable and quality medical care. We have experienced doctors that can help every need of the injured workers and are very experienced in workers compensation claims and disability ratings. We have helped thousands of injured workers throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC over the years.

    Our team of physicians ensures that the injured employee receives an accurate assessment and evaluation coupled with immediate, early intervention and the best possible medical care. Time away from work can be costly to the employee and the employer, so our goal is a return you to work as soon as medically possible, whether in a full, modified or limited capacity.

    We are committed to timely and appropriate medical treatment that will eliminate or reduce lost work days.

    We are able to balance the care of injured workers with the concerns of employers by providing patient education, comprehensive care, timely and concise written reports, on-going medical status reports, and appropriate care for the injured employee while quickly & safely returning them back to work.

    Metro Spine Pain Centers are prepared to work with your employer (HR Dept. and or/workers comp) to pre-approve any visit as well as aide you in coordinating any claim necessary. In many cases, care may be available at NO out of pocket expense.

    We understand the best outcome for work injuries depends on receiving treatment as soon as possible. This reduces both medical cost and time lost from work. If you are injured don't delay, and make an appointment right away. Be sure to let us know this is a worker's compensation injury.